SGDK. Programs for drawing a map from tiles


Added LDtk and Tiled to list


In this article, I will talk about programs for creating tile-maps. Which means, creating a picture from repeated pieces of the image blocks (tiles). If you need to get unique tiles from the image, then PyxelEdit can do that.

I listed the editors in order of relevance:

  • LDtk the best map editor (free), from the creator of Dead Cells, supports the creation of a tile grid and the installation of entity on the map. Supports the rules of setting tiles, which is really makes so simple process of drawing of the map. For example, you draw the ground, and the editor himself, automatically, putting trees and flowers on terrain. Supports export to tmx (Tiled format), which is good because tmx,through plugins, is supported by many engines (Game Maker, Unity, Godot).
  • Tiled is also a good tile editor, however, the convenience of the interface is inferior to LDtk.
  • PyxelEdit – a good tile editor, supports breaking the picture into unique tiles (costs $ 9)
  • Aseprite – for tiles, not very suitable, but for drawing, the very thing (free if you compile, otherwise costs $ 20)
  • Sega Genesis Tile Editor – not yet released, so in the last place. But when it comes out, I think it will be better than PyxelEdit.


I devoted an entire article to this editor: LDTK. A Guide to the best Level Editor.

LDtk in action:


Click File->Import->Import tiled image(s). Now, you could split the imported image into tiles.

Tile size, choose 8×8 px.

PyxelEdit is smart enough, so it can split the image into unique tiles, which can be drawn like a brush.

In 30 seconds, I made such a slide.

You can also export a tile-set, and use it in Unity or Godot.

That’s my export result.

tileset obtained from the tile card


Editor Aseprite, don’t give the ability to draw tiles, but allows you to make a snap on the grid.

To enable the grid, click View->Grid->Grid Settings.

And set the tile size of the grid.

Now, press Shift+S to enable grid snapping.

Next, select the tile, turning on the binding on the grid, and copy to the desired place. This is how the map is built from tiles to Aseprite.

Tile editor and what about the creepypasta on godzilla?

Iuri Nery is a YouTuber who creates a game based on the creepy-pasta about Godzilla (on Game Maker). Recently, he began to develop a tile editor (also, on Game Maker), specifically for SGDK.

This editor looks promising, and I personally, looking forward for this release.

Final result.

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