ZDoom. Set up a midi player.


It so happens that wad has cool midi music that you want to listen to again and again. And so, you pulled out this sound file through Slade,already prepared to listen to music and…. the music doesn't sound the way you'd like, which is disappointing. In this lesson, we will learn how to customize the players for the desired Sound Font,thereby forcing the player to play the same music as in the game.

As a player, AIMP or VLCwill do, the instructions for setting up both players are below.

Setting up AIMP.

First, go to the settings.

In the settings, click on the Pluginsbutton, there find the MIDI Codecplugin, and open the settings of this plugin.

Add a new Sound Font

The desired Sound Fontis located in the place where you installed GZDoom,in the soundfontsfolder.

Save the settings. Now, the music will sound right.

Configure VLC.

Setting up VLCis much like setting up AIMP. There is also a MIDI plugin that needs to "feed" soundfont. First, let's go to the settings.

There, go to the Input/Codecstab, and check the box next to "all"

Next, find"FluidSynth"in the list, and specify the desired soundfont (located in the soundfontsfolder, in the GZDoom directory).

Save and restart the program. That's it, done.

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