TileSetter. Create a tile grid from 2 pictures.


To work we will need:

  • Aseprite (the program can be compiled for free from sources, or bought in steam)
  • Tilesetter Lite (free)

After installation, we can begin.

Create a tile grid.

In Aseprite, create an image with a resolution of 32×16 px. We will need 2 tiles, with a resolution of 16×16 px

Create 2 tiles. The first will be background, while the second is foreground.

Now, copy the background from Aseprite (Ctrl+C), and move it to TileSetter (Ctrl+V).

Do the same with foreground.

Now remove the foreground. Then, click RMB (Right Mouse Button), on tile and select Build Borders (Blob).

Click on the top tile, and set the foreground image in the Source field.

Do the same for 3 remaining sides.

The tile grid is ready, it remains to save it. To do this, select all tiles, and click Export (Image).

Done. As you can see, using Tilesetter made the process of creating a tile grid incredibly easy.

Final result.

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