TF2. Schemes of earnings.


As many people know, TF2 is a simulator of hats with elements of a shooter. This game is addictive due to annoying squeaky sounds and cartoon graphics (like in clash royale and brawl stars). The goal of the game is to find a suitable person rich dumbass, and scam him trade for hat. In this lesson, I will tell you about all the schemes of deception earning in TF2 that I know.


SCM Steam Comunity Market,a trading platform steam.

refrefined metal, crafted from 3 vosts.

recreclaimed metal, crafted from 3 scraps.

scrapscrap metal, crafted from 2 guns.

Buying steam cards and cases for metal.

Author: A lot of people.

  • Buy steam cards and cases of ks go, on the east on trade servers.
  • Sell on SCM for rubles. Then you buy the key on SCM,and sell it for refs from bots,,
  • Repeat the scheme.

Case cs go is not less than a hat,so you get a good profit.

Cards also, with SCM commission, cost at least 1 rec. The scheme is ancient and popular, surprised that it still works.

Resale of keys from different sites.

Author: me

–Efficiency is small. The chance to get the key, at such a sweet price – not high. But the scheme (in theory) works. The main thing is to have time to buy a key for refs,
–on, and then sell on or, however, there is a risk of not having time to buy / sell the key back, before the price increases.

  • Buy the keys here:
  • For selling here:

We trade on

Author: Me (the idea came after a hint that, schemes with this site exist from YouTuber VTreide)

–Works, and very effectively.–
Bottom line:I get +20% of the profit (relative to the value of the item), from each item.
1) High chance to sell the item at a bargain price.
2) High-quality website API, which is useful for simply writing a bot.
3) Low commission on sales (only 5%).
1) A bot is needed for effective trading.
(Popular products): weapons, taunts, hats, skins, reskins, killstreak weapons.

We buy guns for for metal.
We sell guns for 0.5 rubles on <- on imposible to sell lower than 0.5 rubles, which is great 🙂
Also, it is recommended to sell craft hats on overprice, for 5.5 rubles for example.
After a large number of successful sales, buy a key.
Next, sell the key for metal, and repeat the scheme.

Unusual trade.


–Not verified–

  • Buying up links on quicksells with and trade servers (Vatikan City) [purchase in pure currency (key, ref)]
  • Sale of unusuals at normal prices [sale in 99% of cases, will be in dirty currency (hats, stranges, unusuals)]

Buying crates

Author: YouTuber Vtreide

–Not verified–

  • We buy 100 boxes for a ref, in the hope that the sucker will throw an expensive box / case.
  • We sell boxes for refs.

Sale on hype.

Author: a lot of people

–Works, but here the main thing is to have time, the hype will quickly subside–

  • During a major update of the game, we quickly sell boxes on the TP (SCM) at crazy prices, while the hype.
  • As a result, plus to steam balance.

Earnings on the sale of Steam.

Author: YouTuber 9aaazzzz

–Not verified–

  • During major sales, people massively sell steam cards to snatch the game at a discount. As a result, the price of cards falls.
  • Our task is to buy these cards on the TP, and sell after the sale.

Bot Farm

Author: a lot of people

–Not verified–

  • Run multiple steamclients using sandboxie or avast (sandbox mode), run several cs gogames on them.
  • Start the games, and start farm of items.

Creating killstreaks.

Author: me/vtreide

–Not verified–

  • Buy killstreak fabricator at a low cost on TP or
  • Collect killstreak using the purchased fabricator
  • Sell killstreak for keys.
  • Sell the keys on the SCM, or for metal.
  • Buy a new killstreak fabricator.

Sale of Festivizer.

Author: random guy from Rasslabuha

–Not verified–

  • Buy Festivizer for the new year at a low price
  • Sell in half a year at a high price

Speculation on the course of the key.

Author: random guy from trade server.

–There is nothing to check here, obviously it works.–
This scheme is an investment.
If the price of the key
rises: Then, we buy keys for all our refs. And we are waiting for the price of the key to decrease.
If the price of the key falls:
Then, sell the keys for refs and wait for the price increase.
The price of the key on the bp is 60 refs, but in reality it is higher, just bp blunts :). The real price is shown by bots selling keys
So, the price of the key on the bp 60 refs, in reality 62, bots buy up for 61. The price rises, we buy.
After a while, we notice that the price of bp 69, in reality 67, bots buy up 66. The price falls, we sell that there is urine.
After 2 months, the price of the key dropped to 40 refs, and no longer thinks to go down, and the set, begins to rise. Buy the keys.
Total,26 refs profit from each key. Given the current 40-ref key rate, we went into plus by 65%(26/40 = 0.65).

Abuzym unstable price of skins.

Author: YouTuber SQU1RRELLY

–Not tested–
To engage in banal resale of skins with quality “directly from the factory” to TP.
Presumably, the scheme works because of the unsettled price of skins.

Buy until the price rises

Author: YouTuber SQU1RRELLY

–Not verified–

  • Buy unusuals, during a major update, with a beautiful effect, until they are set the price, on SCM.
  • Sell, after update.

We sell killstreaks.

Author: YouTuber SQU1RRELLY

–Not verified–

  • It is necessary to compare the price of prof. kill streak skin, with its components.
  • If the components came out cheaper than the final skin, then – sell!
  • According to the creator of the scheme, it works because people do not want to count money, with which I completely agree. My scheme on the, works because of this.

Earn on conversion tf2 -> cs go.

Author: Me

–Works, but there is a chance to get Red Sign (permanent trade ban)–
The scheme works due to the cheapness of the tf2 keys.

  • Buy skins cs go, on the site on which the keys tf2 are accepted.
    I’ve chosen for myself, but there may be others.
    In general, you buy skins on the keys tf2
  • Sell for,for a minimum cost.
    The profit is about 50%
    If it were not for the threat of Red Sign, I would only use this scheme.

Bot which scamming

Author: YouTuber Spud

–Works, however, requires a bot–

  • Buy cheap items for
  • Compare purchase price with bot price
  • Sell items to bots on the, if there is a profit.

There is a small profit
Cons: Takes a lot of
time (compensated by a bot)
Low profit (if the scheme works on a passive, then it does not matter)

(Bonus) Clown schemes.

  1. Scrapbank – sell the gun for scrap. Inefficient, and why buy from you for scrap, when you can buy 2 times cheaper for
  2. Buy with discount – sometimes clowns like justElf from Which are rubbed into the trust (extremely wretched) to get the goods at an inadequately low price. The same clowns, sometimes visit the trade server.
  3. Sell your schemes – the same YouTuber VTreide is considered a clown on Russian trade servers for that, do not be like that.


I hope these schemes will help you increase your inventory in TF2. The main thing to remember is that schemes die from time to time, so always look for new ones.

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