TF2. Create a SourceMod server.


In this tutorial we will create a server with the ability to run plugins,and thanks to the utility TF2 Server Manager,it will not be difficult.

Creating a server

First, download TF2 Server Manager from here. We’ll need a file.

Now, click Addto add a new server to our manager.

Specify the name of the server(Name)and the folder where the server files will be stored(Folder). And click Run Updaterto download the server files.

The Windows Firewall window will appear a couple of times and give the application all permissions.

After downloading, you will have the Serversfolder.

Add plugin support.

We will need SourceMod and Metamodto access plugins, and to the admin.

Download SourceMod from here.

And Metamod from here.

Extract the archives to the Servers/ServerName/Server/tffolder. In that order.

  1. SourceMod First
  2. Then Metamod

Now, you need to register yourself in the admins, for this go to the folder Servers2_fortServertfaddonssourcemodconfigs and open admins.cfgthere, using Notepad, and add the following code inside the file.

    "auth" "steam"
    "identity" "your_steam_id"
    "flags" "z"
  • Replace your_name with your name.
  • your_steam_id – replace it with your steam_id,you can find it here. In the site field, enter a link to your Steam profile.

I got the following.

    "auth" "steam"
    "identity" "STEAM_0:1:49475945"
    "flags" "z"

The last thing left is to start the server. Click the Start button in Tf2 Server Manager.

You may get this error.

In practice, it means that the server is local. The solution to this problem lies in opening ports,and buying a static ip address from your provider (about 100p per month). Although, it is easier to put the server on the dedic (dedicated server), there and the ports are open, and the server works around the clock. But I digress.

Now, press Connect to connect to the server.

On the server, enter !admin in the chat

You should see the following window:


TF2 Server Manager is good for testing the operation of a local server. When you play with it (put the necessary plugins,register yourself in the admins),after that, buy a VPS (dedik) on the Ubuntusystem, and drag your resources there via FTP.

Choose any VPSyou trust, however, pay attention to:

  • The amount of memory – it should at least exceed 15 GB. (naked tf2 server occupies 8GB + system)
  • The type of hard drive we don’t care about (2007 game, like no other)
  • Internet speedis also not so important.

I recommend buying a VPS on FirstVds,because I use it myself. A month of server costs 2.5$ (plan VDS-KVM-Progrev-8.0), and give as much as 30 GB of memory, which is super cheap.

When you are ready to put the server on hosting, go to this article.

Final result.

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