3D Floors. Tilted 3D Floors.


  • First, let's create a map

Creating a 3D floor

According to the idea, there should be a bridge connecting 2 platforms on the map. This bridge should be tagged.

Next, we create the Technical Sector,based on this triangular sector, in the future a 3D floor will be built.

  • Specify any line of the Technical sector your Action:
  • Action: 160
  • Sector Tag: 1
  • Thus, we indicated that the 3D floor will be built on the site of the sector under tag 1.
  • Now Technical Sector and Sector under tag 1, linked. By changing the thickness (height of the ceiling and floor) of the technical sector, you can adjust the thickness of the 3D floor

That's how it's better.

Already you can run, 3D Floor is ready.

Tilted 3D floor

Let's raise the 2nd platform,

  • And divide our bridge into 2 sectors.
  • Sector with tag 1, will be a regular 3D floor
  • And the sector under the tag 2, will be tilted 3D floor
  • Create a copy of the sector under tag 2, and place it parallel to the original. This sector will be the Technical Sector for the tilted 3D floor.
  • Create a 3D floor for Sector 2.

Create another sector next to the Technical Sector,as shown in the figure

And make a slop (inclined surface) for the Technical Sector

Adjust the 3D floor

  • Now you can start the game.
  • Total:
  • Those. The sector for conventional 3D floors can have any shape, and it can also be placed as you like.
  • Those. the sector for tilted 3D floors has a strict, the same shape as the associated sector, and it must be placed strictly parallel to the associated sector.

Additional material

Thanks to user Amaranth Nokarukuta,for providing the text.

Hello! I want to make a couple of clarifications about the inclined 3D floors.

Such a slope (inclined surface) in the technical field to repeat the shape of the sector – should not. But the length from the starting point (or horizontal axis) of the slope, to the final – it is desirable. Why? On the screen, I made a slope due to the triangle and its vertices. It works fine, but the working sector is twice as long as the technical sector. And the end of the technical sector, for which we are pulling the climb, is in the center of the inclined bridge. This means that the end point of the bridge will rise twice as high as in the technical sector. I'm to what: with different lengths of sectors, the rise will be more difficult to adjust, as if they were of the same length. Width and shape do not matter, although 1 pixel can be. But the horizontal axis of inclination (read – a line with action 181, for example) in the technical sector should be in the same place where we want to place the axis of inclination of our bridge, or hinge … If it is in the center (figure 2), then the bridge will lean from one side down, on the other – up, like a rocker.

Conclusion: it is not necessary to maintain the shape of the bridge, the inclined sector can be triangular, but it is desirable to maintain the length relative to the point of inclination and parallelism. Experiment)))

Final result

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