Resources. Inventory + HUD + Lock.


The KurojiShit2Do project is nearing release, and several more scripts have accumulated during the work on it.

Advanced inventory.

-> This inventory has 1 total inventory. And 3 additional inventory (armor, weapons, implanant).
-> Each inventory has a filter (that is, it will not be possible to put a first-aid kit in the weapon slot).
-> Taken in the hand of the weapon, synchronized with the inventory. For example, I twisted the mouse wheel to the gun. And, when you open the inventory, the gun is already in the right slot.
Now, about the setup.
* The array posible_items specifies the possible items in the inventory. The name of the actor of the weapon is transmitted there. And, the value from this array is used by the SetWeaponcommand. Also, this array plays the role of a filter.
* The rest of posible_items arrays (posible_items_Armor, etc.), do the same, but for other inventory.
* item_icons arrays, set icons for each weapon. The indices posible_items and item_icons must match.
* your_items arrays, this is a repository of inventory items. So posible_items and item_icons were something of a reference desk. Whereas your_itemsstores the real names of classes of items (You do not need to change it, it is created automatically).

ZScript. Cyber-punk HUD.

HUD written in ZScript. Would be useful, as a reference.
-> Implemented, smooth change (health and ammo).

The graphics were drawn by MechWarrior.

Terminal, for entering a password + beautiful effect

This script creates a terminalon which, if you enter the correct password, something will happen. What happens, you set in the script passwordLock1.

 passwordLock1(password, terminal_id)

Where is

  • password 4-digitnumber, sets the correct password.
  • terminal_id – the id of the terminal for entering the password.

For example, in order to put this terminal on the card, you need to call the passwordLock1(1337, 1) function for the first terminal.
For the second, passwordLock1(1234, 2).

And, in the passwordLock1function, set the necessary actions with the correct password of the desired terminal.

That's the kind of collection that turned out. I hope these scripts will help you in your projects.

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